Plumbing Tips

plumber-at-workPlumbing problems aren’t always preventable.  But you can protect yourself and extend the quality and life of your plumbing system by following a few tried-and-true steps.

Detect Leaks Early
Leaks are a double threat: they cause damage to faucets and fixtures, and the water lost will show up in your bill. Make fixing existing leaks top priority, and actively check your pipes for hidden links, such as any under your kitchen sink.

You can check for slow water leaks in your home by taking a reading on your water meter before turning in for the evening. Without using any water over night, take another reading first thing in the morning. If it’s different, you most likely have a leak that should be repaired.

Prevent Drain Clogs
Placing a strainer over bathroom drains will prevent hair and other things from accumulating over time to form clogs.

Inspect and Maintain Appliances
Keep an eye on all appliances that are connected to your home’s pipes—washers, dryers, sinks, showers, and water heaters are all potential sources for leaks and other issues. By inspecting them regularly and repairing as needed, you can avoid the need for more costly solutions down the line.

Protect Your Pipes
Frozen pipes can cause major problems that require professional help. Make certain you take the proper precautions to winterize yours. A word of caution: Outdoor pipes aren’t the only ones that can freeze. It can happen in unheated indoor spaces as well, like attics and garages.

Note Unusual Noises
When pipes moan, hum or shriek, there might be an obstruction in the system somewhere that’s causing higher than normal water pressure. This may be easily fixed by simply replacing a washier that’s worn out. It can also be something more complicated such as having a high-pressure flushing, or in the worst case scenario, needing some or all of the pipes replaced. When in doubt, get assistance from the plumbing pros at Todd’s Lake Country Services.

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